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Case Number Sex Ethnic Group Ht Wt Eyes Hair Age
1989-05285 F Hispanic/Latino 5'3 124 Brown Brown 12+
Tattoos: There is a pattened tattoo on the front of the right thigh in sort of an oval-diamond pattern. Below this is some lettering which may possibly read "P backwards -O-H". Below this is a tattoo with the letter "S", one above and the other below it, extending lateral to these is some other lettering (very difficult to read). Her hair a dark brown, curly and shoulder length. She appears to be between 12 to 15 years old.
Jewelry: white-metal ring w/lion head; white metal ring w/green stone; heart shape yellow-metal ring; yellow metal I.D. bracelet; yellow metal chain; yellow metal chain with charms of a heart, rose & a St. Christopher medal; yellow metal ear stud with a charm; yellow metal earring stud with a clear stone.
Comments: She is believed to have been dumped in the alley of 1200 W. 8th Street in Los Angeles. She wore a blue t-shirt, faded blud/black jeans, beige bra, green or white panties, white socks with read trim and black shoes.